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Trigger Point Dry Needling (TDN), also known as Intramuscular Manual Therapy, is an evidenced-based intervention that is used to treat myofascial pain.  TDN involves inserting a thin filament needle into a tight, spasmed or sore muscle.  Dry needling is NOT acupuncture. TDN is a safe and effective method to relieve acute and chronic pain associated with tight, or spasming muscle, tendon, soft tissue pain and myofascial trigger points. 

These active trigger points form in muscle tissue (i.e., based on injury, chronic poor posturing),  causing pain, impaired motion and dysfunction.  With utilization of the needle, the muscle produces a "twitch response," which is the deactivation or reset of the muscle to a relaxed state.  This treatment helps to restore normal length in the tissues and facilitates an accelerated healing response to the body.  The results are AMAZING

TDN ultimately results in accelerated tissue healing, thus quicker return to activity, sport and LIFE!

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The procedure is relatively painless, however the muscle may be sore for a couple of days.  The soreness is similar to the soreness after a deep tissue massage or a hard workout. 

Conditions that can be treated by TDN include, neck, mid and low back pain, sciatica, headaches, hip, knee, shoulder, arm, and ankle pain.  Basically, TDN is effective for any muscular pain in your body that you have not been able to relieve with other forms of treatment.

Gayle has been practicing physical therapy in Denver since 2002 and specializing in Dry Trigger Point Needling in Denver since 2010. 

Trigger Point Dry Needling in Denver

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