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  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency
  • 15min Session - $20
  • 30min Session - $40
  • 45min Session - $60​
  • 5 Pack 30min Session - $185.00
  • 10 Pack 30min Session - $350.00
  • ​​​​​​​​​20min Recovery Session - $20.00
  • 30min Recovery Session - $28.00
  • 45min Recovery Session - $40.00
  • 5 Pack 30min Recovery Sessions - $135.00
  • 10 Pack 30min Recovery Sessions - $255.00

 Physical Therapy


Rejuvenation Therapy, PLLC, 609 East Speer Boulevard, Suite #150, Denver, CO  80203, Tel:  (303) 725-6958, Email:  gayle@rejuvenationpt.com

  • Pilates Reformer Class Private 60 minutes  - $90.00​​
  • Home Concierge Pilates Private (60min) - $160.00


​​​​Mission Statement:  My Mission is YOU!


Rejuvenation Therapy provides physical therapy on a fee-for-service basis.  We are considered an Out-of-Network Provider, and therefore require payment for treatment at the time of service.  We accept cash, check and all major credit cards.  We also accept payment from Health Saving Accounts (HSAs) and Flex Pay accounts (which may require a physician's prescription to ensure coverage by your HSA).

We will provide you with a bill (I.e., medical terminology is a Superbill), including the appropriate codes and information for you to submit to your insurance company.  Reimbursement varies based on individual insurance plans and coverage.  Please call your insurance company to inquire about your current coverage benefits for Out-of-Network physical therapy providers.

Why Pay Out of Pocket for physical therapy?

Insurance companies have cut back on physical therapy insurance reimbursement by 30-40%.  Co-pays and deductibles are skyrocketing!  Meanwhile, Dr. Fischer continues to take various educational courses to further her knowledge, thus transferring those valuable skills directly towards healing her patients faster, saving them time and money!

The benefits of choosing Dr. Fischer for your healthcare needs are that your treatments are one-on-one, quality care for a full 60 minutes with a skilled doctor of physical therapy.  With clinics that bill insurance, your treatment time is limited and the quality of your care is compromised!  Dr. Fischer refuses to see multiple patients at one time, as it diminishes her and their results.  Additionally, very commonly, patient's who attend insurance based therapy are given only exercises and receive NO to MINIMAL actual hands-on, manual treatment, which is the most important part of healing!  Why would I waste someone's time having them pay me to do exercises that they can do for free at home?  By attending Rejuvenation Therapy, patients receive efficient and effective care, which
 results in fewer visits, quicker results and more time for you to enjoy your life feeling good! 

With already high, and increasing co-pays and deductibles, why wouldn't you try the most effective and efficient method to heal yourself?  Take matters into your own hands and call me today!

 Pilates and Personalized Exercise Programs

  • Initial Evaluation (60 minutes - includes evaluation, treatment and issuing a home exercise program) - $160.00
  • ​Follow-Up (60 minutes) - $160.00
  • Follow-Up (45 minutes) - $120.00
  • Follow-Up Visits (30 minutes) - $80.00
  • Home Concierge Visit (60 minutes) -$250 (Denver area)
  • Kinesiotape application - $10 (*Free if patient supplies their own tape)
  • Free 10 min telephone consultation - to find out if you are good candidate for PT
  • Emergency visits (60 minutes) (outside clinic hours, Saturday, Sunday) - $250.00

* Discounted 5 and 10 pack packages, which may be shared among family members, are also available.  Please contact me with any questions.

       Rejuvenation         Physical Therapy 

Dr. Gayle Fischer, DPT, MPT

Normatec Sessions

  • Myofascial Release Cupping Massage (40 minutes) - $90.00
  • Fire Cupping (35 minutes) - $85.00
  • Facial Cupping (45 minutes) - $100.00

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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy ( PEMF)