"She is AMAZING!  Everything she's done for me has helped tremendously only after 2 days in PT!  She isn't like most physical therapists who put their personal agenda on you, and she actually cares about her patients.  Keep it up Gayle!"  
- Sara V.

"I was training to climb Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina.  Two weeks before my climb, I strained my hip and groin.  I was panicked that I would have to cancel my trip.  I saw physical therapist Gayle Fischer for 2 sessions of dry needling...Gayle was amazing - extremely knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate about my situation.  After those 2 sessions, my pain dissipated and I was able to climb with full range of motion and no pain!  I will return to see Gayle and I recommend her services to all weekend warriors!
- Kristin M.

"Gayle is great!  She really nailed the problem area and her manual therapy, dry needling and exercises remedied the problem in about 4 visits.  She is by far the best physical therapist in Denver that I have seen."

- Jeremy K.

"For the last 6 months my neck pain has affected my active lifestyle and sleep.  I have tried medical massage, acupuncture and chiropractic treatments.  Nothing had worked until I found Gayle.  She has changed everything.  After only 3 treatments I am amazed how much better my neck feels. Her knowledge and communication skills translate into success in treating pain.  If you want relief - it's time to work with Gayle.  She's an amazing healer."

-Lori C.

"I was referred to Gayle because of frequent headaches.  After 3 weeks of treatment, I was able to go 7 days straight without a headache, something I have not done in at least 3 years.  Gayle does an amazing job.  She is the best dry needler in Denver.  She listens to your concerns and adapts her methods to fit your issue, personality, and needs well."
- Corey W.

"I have had severe IT band pain for one year!  I had a shot in the hip and it did nothing.  I had an MRI; they found nothing.  I attended PT for 6 months:  nothing.  Then I was referred to Gayle Fischer, who did dry needling into the knots in the band and I am finally PAIN FREE!!  I feel like I have my life back!  THANK YOU GAYLE!!!  I have never had a PT who I felt really cared about my pain and helped me as much as she did."

- Sheila R.

"Gayle is a rock star!  She helped me return to the level of mountain biking I was doing prior to tearing my ACL and requiring surgery to repair it.  I was even able to return to skiing the bumps this year and have honestly not felt better!  Gayle is dedicated to her field of work, listened to me and tailored her treatments towards what I needed to get my quality of life back!
- Heidi G.

"I highly recommend Gayle.  She IS superb.  She healed my plantar fasciitis and other issues, when other doctors FAILED to help me.  My husband asked me this morning why he hasn't heard me complain about my foot lately?  I was actually able to stand and bake in the kitchen 2 hours the other night with ZERO pain.  I even shoveled snow in my cheap boots with no arch support and it didn't hurt.  My suggestion is to go to her before trying any other treatment.  Put your trust in Gayle...you will be so thankful that you did!"

- Julie K.

"My PT Gayle is amazing, caring and knowledgeable.  She listens to me and incorporates my feedback into her treatment.  No mindless recommendations to do more exercises that hurt or don't help, Gayle is adaptable to my particular issues.  She is great with dry needling and has got me feeling right again!  She is the ideal PT:  nice, easy to talk to, friendly and encouraging.  Highly recommended!"

-JR G.

"I saw Gayle Fischer for approximately 20 physical therapy sessions following lumbar fusion surgery.  Gayle is positively the best of the many therapists I have experienced.  She really cares and listens to make sure she treats the proper symptoms.  Although the surgery was on my back, she has instructed me in many exercises and stretches for my hips and knees that have really helped the underlying causes of my pain.  Gayle's the best!  Give her a try."
- David R.

"Gayle Fischer is dedicated and passionate about what she does for her clients.  She offers a person centered and individualized approach to best suit my needs.  I know I progressed quickly and met my treatment goals because of Gayle's approach and encouragement.  I am fortunate that our paths crossed and I had an amazing experience!"

- Leah M,

"Went to Gayle Fischer for frozen shoulder.  I had not had full mobility for about 9 months, and my doctor said I would probably need surgery.  I saw Gayle and am happy to report rapid progress and recovery.  Gayle is knowledgeable and an expert.  I never believed I would be able to avoid surgery!"
- Amy M.

"I have been dealing with serious neck, shoulder and leg pain for the last few years.  I had daily headaches and weekly migraines.  After 2 treatments with Gayle I feel like a completely new person!  As someone who is terrified of needles - I was extremely hesitant about trying dry needling, but I am SO GLAD I did and feel incredibly lucky to have found Gayle.  She is kind, knowledgeable and dedicated to fixing the ROOT of the pain and actually treats and FIXES your issues!"

-Leah H.

"I've had a pinched nerve in my neck  for 8 years and had seen multiple physical therapists in the past with none to minimal relief.  I had injections and surgery was recommended by my doctor.  My colleague told me to go to Gayle Fischer and I'm so grateful I did!  I got my life back and avoided any more injections for > 1 year!  Gayle is terrific, her knowledge, great communication, actually has a personality, is a GREAT teacher and truly cares about my progress.  Highly recommended!"

- Howard H.

"Gayle Fischer has been treating me since I tore my ACL in 2010.  She was my PT then and continues to treat me with needling.  I could not ask for better treatment.  She is extremely attentive and always listens to what I have to say and where the aches and pains are.  Her needling has been incredible and I would recommend he to anyone in need of pain relief.  I am a 42 year old man who should have probably stopped playing Lacrosse years ago, but because of Gayle, I've been able to continue to play the sport I love!  Thanks a ton Gayle for everything you have done for me!"

- Justin H.

"The most qualified and results-oriented PT BY FAR!!  Unfortunately I've seen others, along with chiropractors and massage therapists, but Gayle is able to use her various "tools" and expertise to solve problems - quickly and professionally.  She has been able to address EVERY issue I've had - back, neck, shoulder.  Her approach is to "fix" you so that you can move on with your life and not need to see her - even though you might miss her!"

-Robin K.

"I am profoundly grateful to Gayle for working with me, teaching and guiding me back to the ability to run half marathons.  I finished the Colfax Half this past year with my BEST TIME EVER!!  I have chronic back problems that Gayle taught me how to manage and alleviate relative to my lifestyle and job.  If it weren't for Gayle, I wouldn't be hiking the Colorado Trail this summer at 62 years young!"

- Vickers M.

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