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Rejuvenation Therapy, PLLC, 609 East Speer Boulevard, Suite #150, Denver, CO  80203, Tel:  (303) 725-6958, Email:  gayle@rejuvenationpt.com

609 East Speer Boulevard, Suite# 150
Denver, CO  80203
Tel:  (303) 725-6958

Fax:  (720) 941-6040
Email:  gayle@rejuvenationpt.com

New Patient Forms

Rejuvenation Therapy Consent and Policies Form - RPT Consent To Treat Form.docx

Rejuvenation Therapy Medical History Form -  RPT Medical History Form.docx

Rejuvenation Therapy Notice of Privacy Practices Form -RPT Privacy Practice Notice.docx

Rejuvenation Therapy Trigger Point Dry Needling Consent -  RPT Dry Needling Consent Form.docx

For your convenience and to help save you time, the forms below are available for download

You may complete them and bring them with you to your first appointment.  You may also fill these forms out when you arrive at our office.

Please bring any xrays/MRI results/operative reports, if available.

Please bring comfortable clothing, and a pair of shorts if you have low back, hip, knee, or ankle pain.