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​​Do you want a healthcare provider who is honest, puts the patient's best interest at heart ALWAYS, listens, is specialized in their trade, treats you right, gets it done right the first time, and is reasonably priced? 

Dr. Gayle Fischer, DPT, MPT has over 14 years of experience in Physical Therapy and Pilates in Denver.  She provides 1-one-1 60 minute treatments to alleviate pain and restore optimal function in the fastest manner, resulting in fewer visits and less time missed from work and/or play!

If you experience any nagging low back or neck pain, or pain in any other part of your body that is affecting your quality of life and is interfering with your ability to do the activities you love, call Dr. Fischer, she has some answers for you!  From dry needling, to Pilates, to cupping, to any other tool in Gayle's physical therapy bag, she has a solution for your pain.

Rejuvenation Therapy, PLLC, 609 East Speer Boulevard, Suite #150, Denver, CO  80203, Tel:  (303) 725-6958, Email: